Protein Production Group Services

The Protein Production Group (PPG) offers a range of services in the area of protein cloning, expression and purification. It is equally at home with routine as well as complex procedures for expressing challenging proteins. The PPG also provides advice and consultation on project design, technical training, access to equipment, and custom services in many aspects of protein production, starting with cloning.

Services Offered

  • Advice on experiment design and protocol development
  • Molecular biology in support of protein expression (cloning, mutagenesis, tagging, chimeragenesis)
  • Design and construction of expression systems (E. coli and insect cell systems)
  • Expression and re-folding of proteins (large and small scale)
  • Protein characterization and analysis (electrophoresis, chromatography, mass spectrometry)
  • Construct design, cloning, expression and solubility testing
  • Isotope-labeled proteins (15N,¬†13C,¬†2H)
  • Protein Complex Assembly
  • Chemical modification of protein
  • Protein interaction studies
  • Biacore label-free binding studies¬†
  • Training of various techniques and equipment
  • Access to FPLCs and other instrumentation for trained users
  • Consultation on proposal or manuscript preparation

Other Services

High Throughput Cloning

Ligation Independent Cloning is used to clone genes into a pET Vector without restriction enzyme digestion and ligation. Targeted genes can be cloned in approximately one day with low background. Expressed proteins are purified using one-step affinity chromatography.

Expression of Challenging Proteins

Various fusions are used to increase the expression level, solubility and/or stability of the protein, or to drive the protein into inclusion bodies. The PCR product can be inserted into multiple expression vectors. All tags and fusion proteins are cleavable.

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